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Mental Toughness

Zeno of Citium

How Stoicism Can Make You Mentally Tough Zat Rana As influential as Zeno of Citium has been, nothing that he wrote has survived to modern day. Around 300 BC in Athens, he was one of the most revered teachers. His claim to fame is that he founded Stoicism, a school of philosophy chiefly interested in[ more..]

5 Stoic Principles

Man at overlook

5 Stoic Principles for Modern Living Applying an Ancient Philosophy to the 21st Century Harley Monk –Mar 9, 2017 · The Greeks put a lot of thought into how life should be lived, from Aristotle to Socrates to Plato, but one of their most practical philosophies remains misunderstood by the majority of people: Stoicism. Despite Stoicism’s[ more..]

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