Group Conscience Meetings Held
3rd Wednesday of each month
at 5:00pm Eastern US

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Meeting ID: 997-381-610—Passcode: 600609

SRG Service Positions

Secretary: Dan W.

Treasurer: Bob R.

Alt. Treasurer: Peter F.

Meeting Hosts: 

  • Dan W. – Meeting Host

  • Jana S. – Meeting Host

  • Kimberley S. – Meeting Host

  • Nancy A. – Meeting Host

  • Marty B. – Meeting Host

  • Robin H.- Meeting Host

  • Liza S.. – Meeting Host

  • Bob R.. – Meeting Host

  • Maria T. – Meeting Host

  • Ann C. – Meeting Host

  • Bethany D. – Meeting Host

  • Courtney S. – Admin – IT

Designated Hosts and Timekeepers:

Sunday – Host: Marty B. – Timer: Louise W. (Secular Sunday)

Monday – Host: Jana S. – Timer: Ron M.      (SRG Speaker Meeting)

Tuesday –  Host: Courtney S. – Timer: Dan W (Men’s Meeting)

Hosts: Robin H – Jana S. – Timer: n/a (Secular Sober Living)

Wednesday – Host: Dan W. – Timer: Louise W. (Wednesday IQ)

SRG Group Conscience – Host: Courtney S.

Thursday – Host: Bob R. – Timer: Bruce D. (St. Louis) (Secular on Thursday)

Friday – Host: Dan W. – Timer: Melissa P. (Fearless Friday)

Saturday – Host: Liza S. – Timer: Louise W. (Secular on Saturday)

Sober She Devils – Hosts” Maria T. -Gail L.  -Kimberley S. -Ann C.-Jana S.

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