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The Lord’s Prayer

Holding Hands

On the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in AA meetings To many in traditional AA fellowships, it is perplexing when secular, agnostic, or atheist members object to reciting the Lord’s Prayer in meetings. The basis of my own objections are that reciting the Lord’s Prayer allies the fellowship with a particular denomination and religion, and that[..read more..]

Making Amends

woman in pool

The accountancy model of morality and one alternative The book of Alcoholics Anonymous says about the 9th step: “Now we go out to our fellows and repair the damage done in the past. We attempt to sweep away the debris which has accumulated out of our effort to live on self-will and run the show ourselves. If we[..read more..]

Systemic Barriers to Quitting Alcohol

road barrier

Systemic Barriers to Quitting Alcohol Historically, addiction has been viewed, one way or another, as a personal battle. In order to overcome addiction, it was thought, the addicted individual must enter into a period of prolonged or lifelong healing, otherwise known as recovery. Recovery comes in many flavours but common to all is the belief[..read more..]

Traditional AA, Repression, Oppression, and Alienation

Hands on open Bible

How’s that for a title? A discussion of a traditional AA fellowship’s repetition of God language turned up today on Facebook. The poster was upset by the repeated references, and not only references but worshipful statements about God, Jesus, etc. (not to be confused with the Wilco song “Jesus, Etc.”). Some of the comments struck me as[..read more..]

The Myth of Twelve Steps


The Myth of Twelve Steps There should be no space in the recovery community for authoritarianism and oppression. A hallmark of Alcoholics Anonymous is the list of twelve steps. It is so central to the ideology of AA that other recovery groups are referred to as “12 step” groups. Many newcomers are told that they can[..read more..]

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