Traditional AA, Repression, Oppression, and Alienation

Hands on open Bible

How’s that for a title? A discussion of a traditional AA fellowship’s repetition of God language turned up today on Facebook. The poster was upset by the repeated references, and not only references but worshipful statements about God, Jesus, etc. (not to be confused with the Wilco song “Jesus, Etc.”). Some of the comments struck me as[ more..]

The Myth of Twelve Steps


The Myth of Twelve Steps There should be no space in the recovery community for authoritarianism and oppression. A hallmark of Alcoholics Anonymous is the list of twelve steps. It is so central to the ideology of AA that other recovery groups are referred to as “12 step” groups. Many newcomers are told that they can[ more..]

What about Fred?

alone in a field

What About Fred? by Chuck S. Have you ever felt like you don’t belong in a meeting because you can’t relate? You’re not alone. It may be that you are not the problem, but that you have a problem on top of a problem. You might be like a guy named Fred and never knew[ more..]

Putting Sobriety First

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09-29-16 | BY KELLY FITZGERALD Why It’s Imperative to Put Sobriety First Getting sober can be a slap in the face, and I mean that in the best way possible. Everything is real and dealing with emotions and life can be overwhelming. If you’ve spent time in the 12 step rooms of recovery, you may have heard that[ more..]

House of Recovery

House of Recovery

Stategic Recovery – The Benefit of Simplicity By Chuck S. Can you summarize your overall recovery strategy in 30 seconds? If not, it may be a little too complex. I took some time recently to map my ideas for establishing and maintaining a healthy recovery.  Spending time to simplify its big picture helped significantly. In[ more..]

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